CUTX BASIC X5044 Multicut

Our top seller among the all-purpose cutter in a very handy format
Our all-rounder is safe, light, small and affordable for branch-offices, warehouses, offices and handicrafts. The MultiCut CUTX BASIC X5044 is suitable for cuts in foils, paper, cardboard and much more. Due to its low weight it is also easy on your wrist when used frequently. The rounded handle lies well in the hand. The short blade protects the goods in the packaging. Extremely durable and inexpensive thanks to the rectangular blade, which can be used on four sides and is replaceable.

MultiCut CUTX BASIC X5044 Regeno


  • Security certificate

    GS certificate: 187282-7551-13737-2023
    Date of issue: 19.10.2023

  • Variations

    Art. 3010177, detect blue
    Art. 3010158, grey-black
    Art. 3010066, white-black
    * other colours on request

  • Packing unit:

    Individual packaging

  • Dimensions (L x W x H)

    115 x 26 x 10 mm

  • Product weight

    21 g

  • Cutting depth

    9,2 mm

  • Base material


  • Security level

    automatic blade retraction

  • EAN-Code

    Art. 3010177: 4251946400508
    Art. 3010158: 4251946400355
    Art. 3010066: 4251946400232

  • Customs tariff number


With the CUTX safety knives, we provide you with a tool that supports you in your daily work and protects the goods in the packaging with its short blade.

Cutting of:

Foil, cardboard, strapping tape, adhesive tape, paper.

Cutter is suitable for right- and left-handed people.

The replacement blades are supplied in dispensers of 10 each.

H10001 Rectangular blade

Product data sheet


safety instructions

Please read the instructions carefully and keep them to ensure prolonged and safe use of our cutting tools.

This product is only approved for manual cutting and must not be used for purposes other than those for which it is intended. Care must be taken to ensure correct handling and use.

Avoid injury: Only use cutting tools that are in good condition and have sharp, undamaged blades. Exercise caution when handling this product. Be sure to familiarise yourself with its handling and operation beforehand. The sharp blade can cause serious cuts. Do not hold the blade, do not place your other hand along the cutting path of the cutter and always cut past your body. Replace blunt blades quickly and dispose of them properly.

Tighten the cutter to avoid injury. Store the cutter in a safe place.

Keep the cutter clean and do not expose it unnecessarily to dust, dirt and moisture to ensure longevity.

No liability is accepted for consequential damage.
Subject to technical changes and errors!
This product should not be used by children!

Product highlights of our Archives

Universally applicable, light & inexpensive

These are just three of the many strengths of our MultiCut CUTX basic X5044. Cutting work is easy, as the handle lies comfortably light in the hand. The blade is suitable for all standard packaging and can also be used on multiple sides and changed. A safety knife at an unbeatable price.

In good hands

Would you like to have your MultiCut CUTX basic X5044 at hand in a fixed location? A cord (max. 3 mm diameter) can be pulled through the screw at the end of the handle This allows you to hang the CUTX basic X5044 in a practical place. Of course, you can also carry it with you in your jacket or shirt at all times.

Safe handling

Slide out the blade, attach it, release the slider. The automatic blade retraction ensures that the blade automatically slides back into the housing as soon as the clippings are removed.


We want to do our bit: CUTX safety knives are made from up to 80% recyclable plastic in Solingen/Germany. We rely on sustainable energy for production and assembly, including from our own solar system.

Our many years of experience in the production of knives also guarantee you consistently high quality, so that you can use our cutters for a long time.

You can also do your bit: we take back old cutting tools and recycle them properly. Please contact us:

Printing and special colours possible

Our items are also available in your favorite colours. In addition, they can be printed, so that you have here an excellent and individual advertising medium, which your customers will certainly take at hand again and again.

Blade change

Take care when changing blades. Risk of injury!

All you need are your two hands. Simply set the screw at the end of the handle horizontally, push the blade holder all the way forward, open the cover downwards and replace the blade. Finished.

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Our all-purpose cutter for all cutting jobs

The Multicut X5044 is the all-rounder for branch-offices, warehouses, offices and handicrafts. It is suitable for cutting foil, paper, cardboard, carton and much more; Thanks to its low weight, it is easy on your wrist even with frequent use, while the rounded handle sits comfortably in your hand. The short blade protects the goods in the packaging. A cord can be pulled through the screw at the end of the handle. Automatic blade retraction, extremely durable and inexpensive thanks to the rectangular blade, which can be used on four sides and is replaceable. For right- and left-handed people. TÜV GS certified on request

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You can expect many advantages

When used correctly, our knives make accidental injuries impossible.
They have everything that safety knives need and dispense with technical features without any practical value.

This will help your company to achieve smooth, accident-free operations at low cost.

shield (1)

Tested safety

Our knives fulfil all
operational safety regulations
for automatic and fully automatic blade retraction.

planet-earth (1)

Sustainable and affordable

We produce our knives using renewable energy and recycled plastic, which in turn has a positive impact on our price-performance level.


Customised design

We produce our knives individually according to your specifications and requirements. You can choose between different colours, blades, prints and more.


Made in Solingen

All CUTX knives are supplied with the
blades are produced in Solingen and are characterised by their lightweight
and slim design.

Replacement blades within 24 hours

Should it ever be necessary, you will immediately receive replacement blades for our knives.
If you want, even within 24 hours.

Long-lasting sharp blades

  • Steel / stainless steel blades
  • Best quality
  • Made in Solingen / Germany
> Mil.
Produced safety knives


founded, reinvented in 2020
"New brand, long tradition"

Made in Solingen / Deutschland

What particularly characterises our knives

We are characterised by our sustainable production and understand the responsibility we have as a manufacturer in the use of renewable raw materials.
By taking back used knives, we optimise our raw material cycle in the best possible way and thus offer you the best products at fair prices.

Questions and answers

For cutters with replaceable blades, we have made blade replacement as easy as possible so that you can do it yourself without additional tools.

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