Trapezoidal blades


Our selection of trapezoidal blades represents the best combination of sharpness and durability, specially developed for demanding cutting tasks. This blade shape not only offers exceptional cutting performance, but also an increased level of safety thanks to its specific design structure.


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Replacement blades within 24 hours

Should it ever be necessary, you will immediately receive replacement blades for our knives.
If you want, even within 24 hours.

You can expect many advantages

When used correctly, our knives make accidental injuries impossible.
They have everything that safety knives need and dispense with technical features without any practical value.

This will help your company to achieve smooth, accident-free operations at low cost.

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Tested safety

Our knives fulfil all
operational safety regulations
for automatic and fully automatic blade retraction.

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Sustainable and affordable

We produce our knives using renewable energy and recycled plastic, which in turn has a positive impact on our price-performance level.


Customised design

We produce our knives individually according to your specifications and requirements. You can choose between different colours, blades, prints and more.


Made in Solingen

All CUTX knives are supplied with the
blades are produced in Solingen and are characterised by their lightweight
and slim design.


The right knife for every application

No matter what you have cut, the right knife ensures the safety of your employees. Select the desired safety level and only then decide on the right knife.

Because occupational safety does not tolerate any compromises.


Cutter knife selectable from 3 safety levels:
Basic, Midi, Maxi

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All knives can be personalised and are available in all colours.


Cutter knife selectable from 3 safety levels:
Basic, Midi, Maxi


All knives can be personalised and are available in all
Colours available.

What particularly characterises our knives

We are characterised by our sustainable production and understand the responsibility we have as a manufacturer in the use of renewable raw materials.
By taking back used knives, we optimise our raw material cycle in the best possible way and thus offer you the best products at fair prices.

Questions and answers

For cutters with replaceable blades, we have made blade replacement as easy as possible so that you can do it yourself without additional tools.

Order your safety knife from CUTX today.

Arrange a non-binding initial consultation with us or request further information.

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Celal Yilmaz

"Together, we want to work on a sustainable solution for the production of cutter knives.
Safe - sustainable - individual!"


Experts with years of experience

With us, you will be advised by experienced specialists.


We will get back to you in 24 hours

Your appointment will be confirmed by us within one working day at the latest.


Customised offer

Personalised and appropriate advice for all requirements.

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